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About the Ride

The date for next year's ride will be July 29, 2017.

Amishland 2016 is over and it was a wonderful day of cycling. The weather forecast was a bit discouraging, but the day turned out great with excellent cool bike riding temps in the morning and some sunshine in the afternoon. There was some brief misting midday, but not a drop of "rain". Our new Amishland home base at Lakeland High School was a big hit with no significant "first time" glitches. Thank you to all who participated and a huge thank you to the volunteers who work before and during the ride to try to make Amishland and Lakes the best ride possible.

Photos from 2016 are now available to view (and download). Follow the SmugMug link on the left.

Amishland and Lakes, based at Lakeland High School in LaGrange, Indiana is a one day bike tour of the Amish countryside and lakes of northeast Indiana.

The Amishland and Lakes bicycle tour visits a world where lifestyles have remained almost unchanged for over a hundred years. The routes range from 22 to 100 miles, offering smooth, quiet roads, where buggies are numerous and cars are few. There are wide open spaces, clean country air, friendly people and lots of great food. There is plenty to explore, experience and eat. Amishland and Lakes is famous for great SAG food (watermelons, peaches, blueberries, bananas and fresh baked cookies), and there are Amish bakeries, restaurants and homemade ice cream parlors along the route for riders who want to sample local "home cooking".

Amishland and Lakes is a Bicycle Indiana funding ride which means $1 of your registration fee goes to support cycling advocacy in Indiana.

The Michiana Bicycle Association (sponsor of Amishland and Lakes is also a member of / contributor to the League of American Cyclists, League of Michigan Cyclists, Ohio Bicycle Federation, the chainlink, Adventure Cycling, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, the Greenways Foundation and Granger Paths.