Pumpkinvine Trail - Friday Option

Friday On Your Own Option

The Pumpkinvine Nature Trail is a 16-mile (32 round trip) paved, tree-lined rails-to-trails multi-use path that connects Goshen, Middlebury, and Shipshewana, which is just ten miles west of Lagrange, home of the Amishland & Lakes ride.

Where to start: The trail map suggests various locations, but the best for Amishland participants is at the eastern end of the trail, just outside Shipshewana, which is worth visiting for its own sake (see below).

Directions to Shipshewana from Lakeland High & Lagrange: The easiest route is to take IN-9 north from Lagrange and then turn left (west) on County Road 200. At IN-5, turn right (north) and this takes you into Shipshewana. Directions and map from Lakeland High to Shipshewana-Scott Elementary.

Parking: There is no parking at the trailhead (though there is parking at some locations along the trail-see map). The closet parking (0.4 miles) is at Shipshewana-Scott Elementary School, 325 W. Middlebury St., which is due west of the main intersection of downtown Shipshewana. Alternatively, you can use the Visitor Parking on the north side of Middlebury St. just west of Van Buren and the main intersection downtown (0.6 miles from the trailhead). This parking is convenient to shops and restaurants. Map with parking locations and trailhead.

Directions from parking to the Pumpkinvine trailhead: From Shipshewana-Scott Elementary School proceed 0.3 miles west on Middlebury/250N, then turn right (north) on 850W for 0.1 miles. The trailhead will be on the left. From the Visitor Parking proceed 0.5 mi. west on Middlebury/250N. Then turn right (north) on 850W for 0.1 miles. The trailhead will be on the left.

Riding the Trail: You can download/print a map of the trail. However, the trail is well marked, and no maps are needed. There is a lot of information about the trail on the Pumpkinvine web site.

Food and Drink and More

  • Shipshewana. For before or after your ride, there are plenty of restaurants, cafes, bakeries and ice cream shops in Shipshewana. Shipshewana also has many shops selling Amish goods and the Menno-hof museum, which traces the history of the Amish. For information, see the Visit Shipshewanna site.

  • Middlebury is six miles from the trailhead. Krider Gardens, adjacent to the trail right after you cross the Little Elkhart River, is a good picnic spot. There is a Dairy Queen just as you arrive (416 N Main St) with additional options downtown, just east of the trail as it proceeds south through town. Further along (mile 7) there’s the Pumpkinvine Café, just off the trail. Finally, a spur trail will take you to Das Essenhaus Inn for Amish fare.

  • Goshen is at the western end of the trail, sixteen miles from Shipshewana. Abshire Park is another picnic spot. Or continue through Abshire Park to Lincoln Avenue and go west into downtown Goshen, which has a variety of options.

Restrooms: See trail map for locations.

Lodging. See our lodging page for Shipshewana hotels. Shipshewana is one of the better options for hotel accommodations for the Amishland and Lakes ride. Keep in mind that it is a popular tourist destination so make your reservations early. The Essenhaus complex, which includes a restaurant and shops as well as a motel, is connected by multi-use trail to the Pumpkinvine Trail.